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Become reacquainted and in love with YOURSELF "First" ... counseling sessions for those who suffer with self-esteem issues resulting from sexual abuse, sex-addiction, impotency, along with discussions and seminars to enlighten and instruct on enjoying sex with your spouse.

Reignite the FIRE!

​There's a fine line between "passion" and "perversion."  Learn how to reignite the "FIRE" and enjoy endless nights of sexual pleasure, romance, intimacy and fun.

If "Sheets" Could Talk

Harness the power of passion and intimacy ... don't let another cold night pass by.

Sex Education and Enhancement Therapy/Counseling for Christian Married & Engaged Couples 

Are you struggling with:

-  Pornography

-  Homosexuality

-  Intimacy, impotency, low self-esteem/confidence

- Are you married but desire more from your spouse sexually?  

- Trouble with intimacy after having a baby?

- Need Prayer for Your Marriage?  

Give us a call and let Yessss! get you on the right path to a successful and enjoyable life.


We teach on "trigger" spots to awaken "dry" places and help bring  "dead" things to life.


How has your "past" affected your "present?"  Don't let it hinder your "future."

Intimacy and Sex ..  aren't topics often discussed or explored thoroughly within the church-at-large; however, it is a critical part of a healthy and happy marriage.  Your sexual encounters should be enjoyable and exciting.  Book a Session TODAY and learn how Yessss! can help you overcome obstacles which may be hindering you from a lifetime of passion and joy with your spouse. 1 Timothy 6:17b "For HE gives us all things to ENJOY" ... even SEX in marriage.


FREE Consultation Session
In-Person Sessions as low as $50/session

Affiliated with:
Joy In Jesus Ministries, Intl. 


Polished Professional Institute, Inc.


We understand that intimacy and sex are experienced in various ways; however, there are times when we all can use some help.  We offer pleasure enhancement products online and at our offices to set the mood, increase wetness and flow, stimulate interest and intensify the desire.

Your-Essentials ... for the Saved, Sanctified and SEXUALLY Satisfied!!!

Therapy Sessions

​One-on-One, Couples, or Group Sessions available.  Our Certified  Counselors/Therapists are equipped to help you feel safe, secure and respected ... in a non-judgmental and strictly confidential environment.