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  • Are you struggling with pornography?
  • Do you desire more from you spouse sexually?
  • Are you a Christian but have homosexual thoughts or desires?
  • Have you been sexually abused and don't know who to talk to?
  • Are you a virgin and have questions?
  • Do you have impotency or intimacy issues?

Yessss! Christian Counseling is here to help!

Our Counselors

Our Christian Counselors are trained in sex education, ministry awareness, domestic violence, and biblical principles in effort to give guidance and practical solutions to real problems for real people of all ages. 

Yessss!Christian Counseling

(Your-Essentials ... for the Saved, Sanctified & SEXUALLY Satisfied!)

Abuse - Pain and Shame

Are you holding the guilt and pain of past abuse?  You don't have to hide anymore.

Our Facilities

Our San Bernardino location has private rooms for Singles, Couples and Group Sessions.  All rooms are set in an environment where you are not judged or condemned.



Our Christian Counselors will help you unlock the areas which may have been hindering you from experiencing fulfillment with your spouse in a more intimate way.  

Sex is often viewed as a "taboo" in the Christian community and is rarely discussed in church.  However, it is a vital part of a healthy marriage.  Christians have experienced challenges which has led to divorce, suicide, perversion, unanswered questions, hurt, pain and overall .... sin.  

Yessss! ..... is here to bring truth and light and give options to help Christians become stronger, wiser, and better during their most intimate experiences in effort to feel complete within their mind, body, soul and spirit. 

"For God has given us all things to enjoy" .... even SEX in marriage.  


Harness the power of pleasure without penetration!  

Our Products

Yessss!offers products to help to Educate, Enhance, Electrify and to overall Enjoy one another.  Order Today!  

Products for all levels and situations.  

If Sheets Could Talk!

Tears, Fears and Thrills .... so much happens "Under Cover."